An I in
The Stars


Poetry Collection

This 7,000 word rhyming poetry collection was written in conjunction with the "Eye, I" painting series

While translating my dream images onto the canvas, I compiled a series of poems to capture the depth of experience during deep psychological development. 

The poems describe an exploration of Self, what Carl Jung describes as "the wholeness of personality." This path to individuation is nonlinear and not a destination to be reached, but rather moments of psychical transcendence that only occur through a continual, lifelong practice.


Just as with any practice, the more I exercised my imagination and used creative tools, the easier it became to imagine potentiality in myself as a living, vital entity as one with the great interconnected labyrinth of the Universe. 


The more I could imagine my own potentiality, the easier it became to envision the potential of organizations, social systems, and the planet. 

While the journey was an exploration of Self, I also gained a deeper understanding of the root to many social issues and general malaise: the neglect and denial of our deepest inborn yearning to self-actualize.


Understanding and honoring the Self without masks is the holy grail that can exist in any moment, or none at all. The individual crafts the future. Could we, actualizing our highest potentials, actually save the world? 

Sneak peek! Read the first 5 poems:
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Los Angeles, CA 

© 2020 by Jen Ann Simmons