Eye, I!

Painting Series

I started this painting series during a period of creative frustration. I felt that I was suppressing my voice and wanted to explore the obstacles that prevented me from honest, deep internal communication and expression. 


Having never painted in my adult life, I started this series using dream images and didn't stop for three months. This breakthrough felt like a release similar to relaxing a pinched hose swollen from forgetfulness.


My frustration proved to be great fuel for creation. The surmountable obstacles were rooted in habitual thinking that I didn't have the tools or education to make art: a common fallacy in our persona-driven culture that values accumulated knowledge over imagination. 


I produced over 70 paintings within the three months. With each painting, I met the dragon within and employed him as co-creator. The eight paintings below are representative of our collaboration. 


Through this project, I gained a deeper understanding of repressed creativity, how to gently and compassionately remove barriers to the repressed, and most importantly, to value the call within human nature that says "create!" 

Read more about the poetry collection I created in conjunction with this series. 

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