The Art + Sustainability Festival celebrated LA-based artists and social entrepreneurs who care about the environment.


The festival kicked off with presentations from artists whose work is influenced by environmental issues.


Attendees then chose two breakout sessions with social entrepreneurs either creating solutions to these issues or advocating for more sustainable systems.


Between sessions, attendees were encouraged to experience a different world through social impact virtual reality headsets. ​

The confluence of artist and social entrepreneur inspired attendees to create and envision a more sustainable Los Angeles and world. 


The event was held at Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook, a California State Park that was once drilled and exploited land which has now become a symbol of restoration, conservation and hope.  



2017 Finance director for a sustainable development real estate developer. I built financial models and lead a feasibility analysis for a proposed coconut oil supply chain that is more environmentally sustainable and socially responsible. 

2017 - Trained as a Climate Reality leader with the Climate Reality Project to advance current climate science through my art practice and community organizing.

2016 Founded and produced the Art + Sustainability Festival, a day to celebrate LA-based artists and social entrepreneurs whose work centers around protection of the natural environment.

2016 - Creative partner to a start up homelessness organization that converted shipping containers into livable housing units. I served as creative partner to Evan, helping him develop his story from a position of strength based on his inherent gifts. I also wrote opinion articles and a story series for the organization to express their vision for homeless alleviation.

2016 - Painting practice began to visually communicate unity and renewal of the natural world.

2013-16 - President of Net Impact Los Angeles, a nonprofit that empowers professionals to create positive social and environmental change in the workplace and world. In this role, I organized more than 30 multi-disciplinary events to inspire diverse collaboration on our most pressing issues.

2014 My theory became: how can art and the humanities, together with business and policy making, accelerate sustainable development solutions? 

2013 - First year as student at UCLA Extension in neuroscience and sustainability. I have since taken classes in sustainability, comparative literature, depth psychology, and international politics. 

2012 Moved Los Angeles and began my writing apprenticeship. Initially, my art practice was mostly poetry in an attempt to capture the narratives, images, and lyrics from my dreams while studying the earth's systems.

2008-12 - My professional life began in finance in the early stages of the 2008 recession. During a chaotic moment in history, I developed a deep curiosity for human behavior in response to the rapid changes within the economy. During my four years in banking, I provoked ideas about what it means for an individual, organization, and industry to be sustainable and ethical. 



My three principle directives for Jen Ann Studio are to:


  1. Help restore reciprocity between humans and the natural world,

  2. Liberate individual and cultural femininity, and

  3. Mobilize nature-lead ingenuity to build more resilient, restorative economies.

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