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Forest Floor, Looking Up, Sep 2019

Seafloor, Looking Up, Nov 2019

Volcano Chamber, Looking Up, Jan 2020

Each painting: 4.0 x 8.0 ft, acrylic on canvas


"Mass Movements" imagines the following ecosystems from the human standpoint, looking up: an old-growth forest, a sea at its bed, and from within a volcano chamber. 

Imagine: stand on a forest floor and look up. What do you see? Now deepen; imagine breathing underwater. Swim to then stand on sea's floor, look up, be water. What do you see or hear here? Deepen still. Stand on the bulbous bottom of a volcano chamber; be lava. What do you feel? 


An ode to the leaderless climate justice movements worldwide in 2019, "Mass Movements" demonstrates climate action as many individuals all standing individually, with no central hero, firmly planted in science, looking up, with hope, in defense of the natural world. 


Each piece was made during major climatic events in late 2019/early 2020. The most influential events on this series was the clearing of the Amazon Rainforest (Forest Floor), Venice's rising floodwaters, the release of the IPCC report on ocean's and a changing cryosphere (Seafloor), Australia's ongoing fire disaster and the volcanic eruptions in New Zealand and the Phillipines (Volcano Chamber). 

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