Artist Statement

Motivated by an innate affinity for the living world, my work often originates with an intriguing biological process or dream image. My practice is to make unconscious imagery and myths conscious - to raise consciousness - mostly about environmental issues and carbon drawdown solutions. To develop images into concepts, I research current and historical news and literature, and employ mathematics and color theory. Critical to my practice is to feel deeply and labor physically with, not just intellectually struggle with each concept. I consider each piece finished when the composition feels closest to being integrated, albeit never fully. Hence, imperfect symmetry prevails, and I work almost exclusively on an x-y axis.




I advocate for human community and industry that functions more like forest ecosystems, where sun is fuel, nothing is waste, diversity is strength, and carbon is accounted for. 

The following key attributes of forest ecosystems are the key themes of my research and work:


1. Sunlight is fuel - a forest relies on current solar income. We mimic this by transitioning human systems to thrive on renewable energy.


2. Nothing (no one) is waste - in a forest, waste is food, everything has a use and regenerates. We mimic this by eliminating the concept of waste in industrial supply chains and valuing marginalized citizens.


3. Diversity is strength - a forest is a cooperation of many diverse species, in diversity is unity. We mimic this by preserving earth's biodiversity and accepting human differences as what unites.

4. Carbon is accounted for - forests draw down and cycle carbon dioxide. We mimic this by protecting old-growth forests most urgently, and valuing and accounting for carbon emissions on financial statements. 


The future I see is fossil-fuel-free and locally governed/resilient. I support the global transition to renewable energy and shifting power and governance into the capable arms of local communities.

Jen Ann Simmons 

August 2020