Regenerative societies of common wealth, not extractive economies of private ownership. How we are in relationship with earth currently depends on a fossil fuel-burning economy causing the climate crisis and at the very least, to stop worsening the crisis, we need to transform economic, energy, and cultural infrastructure to incentivize renewable energy and restorative justice. Motivated by biophilia, an innate love for the living world.


A society that is fossil-fuel-free and locally governed and resilient. I support the global transition to renewable energy and local supply chains, and shifting governing power to local community leaders.


I advocate for human community and industry that functions more like forest ecosystems, where sun is fuel, nothing is waste, diversity is strength, and carbon is accounted for. 


1. Sunlight is Fuel - rely on current solar, wind, water income; transition human systems to utilize renewable energy.


2. Nothing (no one) is Waste - waste is food, everything is of use and regenerates; eliminate waste and pollution from supply chains.


3. Diversity is Strength - in diversity is unity; conserve earth's biodiversity and celebrate differences.

4. Carbon is Accounted for - draw down and cycle carbon dioxide; protect old-growth forests and public lands; account for emissions on financial statements. 


Jen Ann Simmons is a visual artist and organizer of organizers in southern CA advocating for clean, renewable energy, zero emission transportation, clean air, equitable access to nature, and protection of public lands and biodiversity.

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