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Finished days before the quarantine order, M1RR0RS series is inspired by six people I physically encountered and interacted with over three weeks– a peer, neighbor, gardener, partner, indigenous woman, and art critic.

A celebration of my local ecosystem, I wanted to express two things simultaneously– the inner nature, as I perceived it, of these six people, and also how I felt, inspired by them.

The everyday (and extraordinary) connections we have with others, influence how we think and feel, and ultimately, inform our identities, become who we are.

With coronavirus, more than ever, networks are digital; online experience is the main vehicle of community- and meaning-making (hence the 1 and 0 in M1RR0RS).

Better to design intentionally, how and with whom to connect and reflect.

You, a mirror to me, and I, a mirror to you.

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