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"FLUX" series investigates climate change through the lens of individual readiness and community resilience. 


Viewed as either a walk across planks, or a gateway through space, (1) Planks/Gates tempts the agent toward a distant, unknown portal as both a funeral procession and a graduation walk, suggesting change "FLUX" is simultaneously, death of a state and birth of a plane.


Inspired by Dr. E.O. Wilson’s work on comparing the advanced social organization of humans and ants, (2) Eusociality asks: what do insect intelligences teach humans about how to adapt to changing climate patterns?


On July 4, from my studio in Los Angeles, I experienced an earthquake, as the ground turned into, what felt like, deep sea waves. Afterwards, I felt hundreds of (3) Aftershocks, real and remembered, testing my personal readiness to adapt to local climatic events.


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Visual redefinitions of nouns and verbs, an Anthropogenic exercise in questioning the values underlying the English language.



In "Nouns," (1) Free Way imagines conscious freedom as a creative stream moving toward an eye, an I, the central Self, a centered stance; i.e. Integrity is the Free Way.


(2) A Building, Changing defines one human mind-body as a flexible structure that produces, consumes, extracts, renews, and adapts to new conditions, always.

(3) Biospheric Awareness acknowledges the human mind as connected to other biological organisms above and below soil; we do not simply influence our immediate environments but also, into the stratosphere and down to earth's bedrock.


"Verbs" document the motion of organic growth, in ecosystems and as change in consciousness. 


Inspired by the germination process, (4) Seed (verb) celebrates the moment a seed first opens to soil.

Inspired by the force propelling a plant to mature, (5) Flower (verb) is the triumph of blooming as a natural reminder to strive well. 


(6) Brave (verb) elevates entelechy, the motivation to express fully, as a living organism's core undertaking.


Flora expresses visually, biomimicry: the consilience between garden and mind, art and biology, flora-psyche, human-earth.


As human-induced, changing climate warns – it is increasingly important to see humans more reciprocally as a species interdependent within the natural world, not as separate and above.



At the center of the human experience exists a tree, capable of deep-rooted, far- fruiting flourishing. 


Biophilia is an expression of the one such tree in me, in us.

I interpret the term "biophilia" as the inherent connection humans feel within the violent, elegant biological dance of the natural world.

Seeds, trees, and Sapiens flower only when healthy, restorative relationship is established between other living organisms - plants, animals, fungi, etc - we all root in one biological reality and require soil fecundity, sun, and rain to sustain and creative inundation to regenerate.

When All is Relationship is Earth, our greatest wealth is biodiversity of seeds and species and biophilia is the origin point of our felt interrelatedness.


Made with nine square canvases, Goddesses gives equal representation to nine particularly beautiful qualities about the empowered woman's experience: cyclicality, healing, disillusionment, mediality, birth, integrity, honor, justice, prophesy.


This work is a search for and resurrection of the buried trove of powerful, active feminine intelligences, often suppressed culturally, but never extinguished - a force, globally. 

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When one and many commit to shared restoration of the interrelated web within and around, unity is as natural as root systems knowing cellularly, that we are better together, than we ever could imagine as isolated agents; humans fragment under weight of culture's indoctrination of Otherness.


Unity series is 23 paintings and poetic hypotheses exploring, on many levels, the central question: what is one?


Compared to earth’s profundity, we are naked and young and yet unlearned in natural world’s genius.


What is one among so many? Earth teaches: the many is the one.

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